Meeting Your Advisor during Orientation for Registration

You will meet your first year advisor and associate advisor during Orientation to register for your fall term classes.

Welcome Email from Your Advisor

Your advisor will be sending you an email welcome message by August 22, with information about him/herself and specific instructions for meeting during Orientation week. If you do not receive the email by August 22, email Dean Elizabeth Young (

Initial Advising Group Meeting

Your advisor will indicate when your group will hold its first Zoom meeting in the welcome message. This is an initial group meeting to meet your advisor, associate advisor and the other students in your advising group and to arrange individual registration meetings.

Individual Registration Meetings

You will meet with your advisor to register on either Tuesday, August 25 or Wednesday, August 26.

Before You Begin to Register

Check your Online Advising Folder to review any pending credit based on AP, International exams, transfer credit and results from the FEE to help you determine which subjects to consider this fall. Read the detailed descriptions of the GIRs to learn more detailed information about these and other discovery subjects.

Fall Registration Instructions and Procedures

Beginning on Monday, August 24, you may initiate online registration for the classes you plan to take this fall. Complete information about how to register can be found on the Registrar's website and you can refer to the Online Registration Student Manual for step-by-step instructions, including screenshots illustrating how to use the online registration system. You will finalize registration when you meet with your advisor.

Finalizing Your Online Registration

You must be fully registered for your fall classes by 5:00 pm (EDT) on Thursday, August 27.

  • BRING YOUR LAPTOP to your registration meeting. Having electronic access to your Online Advising Folder and your online Registration Form is necessary. Detailed registration instructions can be found on the Registrar's website. 
  • You will fill out the online registration form and discuss class selections with your advisor.
  • Once you and your advisor agree on your fall semester classes, your advisor will approve your online registration.
  • You must then SUBMIT YOUR REGISTRATION form.
  • Failure to submit your online registration by 5pm on Thursday, August 27, will mean that you will not get a class schedule to review.

Special Instructions for Learning Communities

If you will be participating in a learning communities this Fall, you and your advisor will receive special instructions about registering for classes.

  • Experimental Study Group (ESG): Questions should be directed to Dr. Paola Rebusco 617-324-7773.
  • Concourse: You will be registered by your Concourse advisor. Questions should be directed to Ms. Paula Cogliano, 617-253-2300.
  • Terrascope/Mission 2024 (12.000, Solving Complex Problems): You are automatically registered for 12.000 Solving Complex Problems; it will already appear on your Online Registration Form. Questions should be directed to Ms. Elise Chambers, 617-253-4074.

Checking Your Class Schedule

  • On Friday, August 28, you can check your class schedule on WebSIS.
  • Your schedule is only available online until September 4. This online schedule includes the dates, times, etc. for each subject for which you registered. You should print out your schedule or keep a written copy. 

Recitation Conflicts

Switching recitations or sections within a subject (i.e., moving from one 8.01 recitation to another): Each Department controls the process for switching recitations.