Departmental Tutoring


Details on how to obtain tutoring in School of Engineering departmental subjects are listed below, along with who to contact for more information.

Course 1

  • Subjects available: Course 1 undergraduate subjects.
  • Eligibility and description: Regularly scheduled sessions and individual tutoring available through academic honor society Chi Epsilon (XE).
  • Contact:

Course 2

  • Contact: Jared Embelton, 1-110, for more information.

Course 3

  • Subjects available: Course 3 undergraduate subjects required for Course 3 major/minor. See Science Core tutoring for 3.091.
  • Eligibility and description: Tutoring is not an alternative to lecture, recitation, and TA office hours.
  • Contact: John Ohrenberger, 6-107, 617-258-5816,

Course 6

  • Subjects available: Course 6 Introductory, Foundational, and Header classes.
  • Eligibility and description: The Course VI Tutoring Program is coordinated by MIT's chapter of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), the national honor society for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, using undergraduate tutors.
  • Contact: For more information, visit the HKN tutoring page.

Course 10

  • Subjects available: Sophomore/junior core subjects: 10.10, 10.213, 10.301, 10.302, 10.32, 10.37.
  • Eligibility and description: Tutoring is available at various times and in various places. See the Department's Undergraduate page for details.
  • Contact: Dr. Barry Johnston, Room 66-368, 617-258-7141,

Course 16

  • Subjects available: Office hours are made available by instructors and/or TAs of all subjects required for the Course 16 major. Please contact your instructor or TA to inquire about tutorial help in a particular subject.
  • Eligibility and description: Subject-specific tutoring can also be arranged on an ad hoc basis; however, a student must regularly be attending lectures and recitations, and turning in assignments, in order for additional tutoring to be granted. The additional tutoring may be provided by a peer who has completed the subject or by a graduate student.
  • Contact: Marie Stuppard, Room 33-202, 617-253-2279,