DAD: Discover Architecture + Design

DA&D: Discover Architecture & Design

Whether we are designing an app., bench, landscape, skyscraper, or a city’s transportation network, architects and designers need to be aware of the complex interactions of materials, humans, time, and the ever-shifting patterns of natural and social systems. Working at multiple scales at once, architecture & design professions make use of both analog and digital tools to learn about and create the buildings, objects and experiences that are a part of our daily lives.

The Program

On day one of our DA&D FPOP, we will take some time for a virtual meet-and-greet. Currently there are 8 second, third, and fourth year students from a variety of majors and minors participating as both virtual “counselors” and because of their shared interest and appreciation for all things design. We will present and discuss the breadth and depth of architecture and design opportunities at MIT, and finally we will take a virtual tour of a (still to be determined) design company so that we might all better understand how, where, and by whom design happens.

Between day one and day two we will work in groups to virtually solve a design problem. On day two you will present, and we will discuss as a group your design solutions. Our current plan is to “produce” and mail out a printed/fabricated version of one group’s design solution. At the end of day two, first-year students will have an opportunity to talk to second, third, and fourth-year students about their MIT experiences, majors, minors, concentrations, class selections, and/or anything else you might be curious about but never knew which MIT student to ask.

Typically, our DA&D FPOP would be a walking tour of Boston & Cambridge as a way to get to know these two great cities, their significant architectural structures, art museums, and outstanding examples of design. We typically walk, ride buses, trains, and even kayak the Charles river as a way of seeing cities from a variety of perspectives. In addition to being physical and academic, our interactions with the city and its neighborhoods would be gastronomic, as we have sample some of the best local cheap-eats along our tour routes. Assuming we all make our way back to MIT, Boston, and Cambridge in the Spring, we will hopefully be able to add an additional day to our DA&D FPOP that would both give us all an opportunity to meet each other in person and add a few of these DA&D FPOP experiences that we are currently unable to include.


Dates: Wed. August 19 + Fri. August 21, 2020