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First-Gen/Low-Income Pre-Orientation Program (FLIPOP)

The First-Gen/Low-Income Pre-Orientation Program (FLIPOP) is a new FPOP whose main goal is to help facilitate the transition from high school to MIT, especially for those who are pioneering higher education on behalf of their families or their greater home communities.

Check out the FLIPOP page for more details and see what students who participated last year have to say about their experiences below.

Photo: Ketandu

Ketandu Chiedu

Physics (Course 8) and Computer Science (Course 6-3)

Class of 2023, FLIPOP 2019 Participant

FLIPOP was extremely helpful in transitioning to MIT’s rigor! Not only was I provided direct access to support networks on campus and the people who lead them, I also met a lot of amazing students who came from similar backgrounds as myself. FLIPOP helped me feel validated entering MIT, and helped me feel secure in navigating such a new and dynamic environment!

Photo: Guillermo

Guillermo Vasquez

Computer Science (Course 6-3)

Class of 2023, FLIPOP 2019 Participant

One of my most memorable moments from FLIPOP are definitely the scavenger hunt of iconic places on campus! It was an excellent activity that introduced me to the names and numbers of buildings on campus before orientation. Another memorable moment was getting the opportunity to get to know all the staff from incredibly helpful resources and offices at MIT.