ACE: Active Community Engagement

Leadership through community service

Active Community Engagement (ACE) is an exciting five-day program that takes community service to the next level while helping you get to know the MIT campus and beyond. You’ll spend each morning doing meaningful work with local nonprofits, and each afternoon engaging in reflective group discussions and activities. In the evenings, you will get the opportunity to explore MIT’s campus and visit some of our favorite hidden gems the Greater Boston Area has to offer. In ACE, you’ll build community with your peers, learn from each other’s perspectives and create a network of social action leaders that can stay with you through your time at MIT.

Over the course of the week, ACE will challenge you to explore your own role in addressing complex social challenges. You’ll experience a mix of fun group activities and thought-provoking discussions. ACE hopes to connect you with supportive resources on campus so that you’ll bewell-equipped to be a compassionate changemaker. Program participants often go on to enact social change on campus and beyond. Examples include Singing for Service, Translation for Environmental Justice, the UA Community Service Committee/Sustain, MITVote, and more!

ACE is sponsored by the Priscilla King Gray Center for Public Service. The PKG Center is the epicenter of public service at MIT. We provide programs, training, and funding to take your learning beyond the classroom and into communities around the world.


Dates: Wed. August 19- Thurs. August 20, 2020