DC1: Discover Civil and Environmental Engineering

Engineer Sustainability with Civil and Environmental students and faculty!

In the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (also known as Course 1), we aim to solve some of the world's greatest challenges and create a more sustainable future - clean water and air, sustainable mobility, food security, resilient cities, and climate adaptation. We design creative solutions using science-enabled engineering, and  strive to make the world a better place by tackling the most pressing societal problems.  

Participate in Discover Course 1 (DC1) and make your introduction to MIT one that will make you better appreciate how you can positively impact the world and how you should plan for your MIT experience. Our newly designed FPOP will take place virtually within the world of Minecraft. Through this experience you will:

  • Learn about the fields of study in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Meet faculty, current students, and alumni
  • Explore the contributions of Course 1 students and faculty
  • Start building skills for improving the sustainability and resilience of our cities


During this one-day FPOP, students will be collaborating in a virtual environment to build a representation of a city-scale infrastructure within Minecraft. Students will consider various sustainability and resilience challenges. They will work in teams to design their solutions and justify them.

DC1 will also feature fun activities such as virtually exploring campus, meeting recent graduates of our program, and a chance to make some new friends!

From our DC1 Lead:

“Get your pickaxes ready and join forces with future classmates to express your ideas about big engineering and sustainability with Minecraft :)” – Anna Landler ‘22

We look forward to meeting you at DC1!

DC1 Specifics

If you do not have Minecraft, we will provide you with a copy.

Dates: Tues. August 18, 2020