DChE: Discover Chemical Engineering

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Have you pumped gas at a gas station recently? Do you take Tylenol when you have a fever? Undoubtedly, a chemical engineer was involved in the processes that helped get the toothpaste to your toothbrush, the gas to your car and the Tylenol to your medicine cabinet. Aside from toothpaste, gas and Tylenol, chemical engineers are involved in many other processes in a great variety of fields. It is one of the most flexible engineering disciplines and DChE FPOP is the best way to get an introduction to course 10 at MIT.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is where the field of chemical engineering was pioneered and is one of the best chemical engineering departments in the world. It has greatly evolved since its beginnings from a discipline addressing industrial chemical needs to solving problems in medicine, energy, biotechnology, consumer products and more. With their knowledge, MIT chemical engineers have solved some of the greatest problems in world and are currently working to solve many more. Through the DChE FPOP, you will get the chance to explore this amazing department!

  • Lab tours with world-renowned labs
  • Lunch with some of the coolest faculty members
  • Panel discussions with current students about classes, UROPs and internships
  • Trips to nearby companies and startups
  • Fun, hands-on chemical engineering activities
  • Getting to know AIChE, the student-run chapter of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and opportunities to get involved

... and more! Through the FPOP, you will also get the chance to get familiar with the campus, Boston/Cambridge and even more, you will be able to make lots of new freshmen and upperclassmen friends!

DChE Specifics:

Dates: Thurs. August 20- Fri. August 21, 2020