DP: Discover Physics

Do you find yourself contemplating the mysteries of the universe while taking a shower? When you look at the stars, do you hear the musica universalis?

Physics@MIT is a diverse group of people united by an appreciation for the simplicity and universality of natural phenomena. We work at all length and energy scales, trying to find order on a complex world. Some of us are looking at how collective behavior emerges independently from the details of the parts. Others want to figure out what happens in an “empty” vacuum.

Discover Physics will introduce you to the Joy of Physics. You will get to peer through an observatory telescope, see one of the coldest places in the universe, challenge your intuition with lab demos, and challenge your tastebuds with liquid nitrogen ice cream. Famous faculty members will share with you the questions that keep them up at night. You’ll be introduced to current students, professors and freshmen. You won’t miss out on exploring Cambridge and Boston either!

DP Specifics

Dates: Mon. August 17- Tues. August 18, 2020