FLIPOP: First-Generation Program

The First-Gen/Low-Income Pre-Orientation Program (FLIPOP) is a NEW FPOP whose main goal is to help facilitate the transition from high school to MIT, especially for those who are pioneering higher education on behalf of their families or their greater home communities. Members of MIT’s First-Generation Program have come together to identify what we wish we would've known before coming to campus. We’ve incorporated these tips into our programming to help prepare you for your college experience at MIT.

This program is open to any and all self-identifying first-generation college students and/or students from low-income communities (a.k.a. FLI students). We encourage you to apply if you feel that you can benefit from FLIPOP in any way. 

You can read about student’s experiences with FLIPOP 2019 here.*

Whether or not you’re able to participate in this FPOP, know that the First-Generation Program here at MIT is beyond excited for your arrival on campus and is always here to help! Check out our website here!


What Will We Do?


“When I first arrived at school as a first-generation college student, I didn't know anyone on campus except my brother. I didn't know how to pick the right classes or find the right buildings. I didn't even bring the right size sheets for my dorm room bed. I didn't realize those beds were so long. So I was a little overwhelmed and a little isolated.” 

-- Michelle Obama, first-generation college student and Former First Lady of the United States of America

We recognize the struggles that FLI students may experience while navigating higher education. Thus, we plan to address a range of topics that are very common to the FLI experience. This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Feeling like you’re navigating between two worlds: home and school life
  • Fears surrounding financial stability and security
  • Feeling overwhelmed by having to “figure everything out on your own”
  • Uncertainty in how to pave out a career path
  • Feeling both the burden and the blessing of representing an entire community, culture, identity, etc.

You are not alone in experiencing any one or more of these feelings. These feelings are very common as part of the FLI experience. These feelings are not points of weakness, but rather resemble a great strength and perseverance that unites the MIT First-Generation Program together in a collaborative effort for us all to succeed!

After participating in FLIPOP, you will...

  • Learn how to craft a resume and develop your professional skills through the Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) office.
  • Become familiar with the expansive list of on-campus resources regarding financial aid, mental health, multicultural programming, etc. to ensure your success as a FLI student.
  • Have the tools needed to apply and obtain a UROP through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program - even within your first year.

 And, most importantly,

  • Gain valuable mentorship from upperclassmen and other members of the FLI community!

We hope that this experience will demonstrate that you have a supportive community of FLI students and campus partners that are here to help facilitate your transition to MIT. Thank you for taking the time to read through our description of FLIPOP and we look forward to meeting you on-campus!

Program Specifics

Dates: Wed. August 19- Thurs. August 20, 2020