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First Year Advisor Awards

Celebrate the outstanding contributions of your first-year advisor. Nominate a remarkable advisor who has made a profound impact on your life. We will present 7 awards to distinguished advisors who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication and commitment to helping first-year students succeed. Each award honors an exceptional individual who has exceeded expectations in the advisor role.

Seven separate award categories will be presented at this year’s celebration: Creative Advising Activity, Rookie Advisor, Veteran Advisor, Alan J. Lazarus (1953) Excellence in Advising Award, Student Champion and Innovative Seminar.

Any student, faculty or staff member may nominate a first year advisor. We ask you to share your story by submitting the online nomination form below by April 14. We will review submissions and select the award category based on the details in your nomination statement.

Creative Advising Activity Award 

Advisors meet regularly with their advisees to give advice and support. They provide opportunities for students to get together socially with their advising group. The Creative Advising Activity Award recognizes an advisor who has shown exceptional hospitality and creativity by organizing unique activities and building a community for students.  Even with the pandemic, some advisors have been super creative in offering virtual activities.

Outstanding Rookie Advisor Award 

This award is given to an advisor who began advising first-year students in the past couple of years. The Rookie Advisor Award recognizes a novice who advised like a pro. This enthusiastic team player participated in advisor development meetings, but showed wisdom and finesse in overcoming hurdles. 

Outstanding Veteran Advisor Award  

Many advisors have been committed to advising first-year students year after year, consistently giving of their time to help students make a successful first year transition. The Veteran Advisor Award honors an advisor who has been active for at least 5 years, sustaining their passion for advising.  

Alan J. Lazarus (1953) Excellence in Advising Award

This award is presented to a distinguished advisor who has raised the bar for first-year advising. This advisor believes that excellence goes beyond a fulfillment of responsibilities and expectations. The Excellence in Advising Award embodies dedication and commitment to the academic and personal success of first-year students. Presented to a faculty member who has served as an excellent advisor and mentor to first-year students and who has had a significant impact on their personal lives and academic success.

Student Champion Award 

This award recognizes an advisor who has gone beyond the call of duty to be present in aspects of advisees’ lives beyond academics, participating in student events and activities. This award may also be given to an advisor who supported an advisee in a challenging and difficult situation with great insight and compassion. 

Innovative Seminar Award 

Seminars are a unique opportunity for students to learn from an advisor in a small, interactive group setting. Each seminar is inspiring and thought-provoking. However, this awardee showed exceptional creativity in leading a seminar that engaged freshmen to the fullest extent.