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First Year Student, Advisor and Associate Advisor Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2022 Recipients!

The Office of the First Year recognizes the outstanding contributions first-year students, associate advisors and first-year advisors.  A virtual ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of our 2022 award recipients was held on May 10th, 2022.

First Year Student Awards

  • Athletics:
    • Kate Augustyn
    • Roderick Huang
    • Jessica “Jay” Lu
    • Ottavia Personeni
  • Fine Arts: Ananada Santos
  • Service: Abigail Chou

Outstanding Associate Advisor Awards

  • Seminar Advising: Cami Mejia, Class of 2023
  • Traditional Advising: Sherry Nyeo, Class of 2023

First Year Advisor Awards

  • Alan J. Lazarus (1953) Excellence in Advising: Professor Barry S. Johnston, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Student Champion: Professor Krishna Rajagopal, Department of Physics
  • Creativity in Advising: Professor Justin Steil, Department of Urban Studies and Planning
  • Excellence in Mentoring: Ed Moriarty, Edgerton Center
  • Innovative Seminar: Professor Jesus Del Alamo, Jorg Scholvin
  • Outstanding Veteran Advisor: Ari W. Epstein, Terrascope