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Fall 2023 Advising Calendar

The following are important dates and deadlines for you and your advisees, during the Fall 2023 semester

  • Monday, August 15: Online Advising Folder becomes available
  • Tuesday, August 22: Please be sure to send your welcome email to advisees with details on your first meetings by this date. See Sample Advisor Welcome Email for a template you can customize for your advisee outreach.
  • Monday, August 28: Registration opens
  • Tuesday, August 29, 1:15-3pm: Initial Advising Group Meeting
    This block of time is available to meet with your advisees and associate advisor as a group. You may also use part of the time to have individual registration meetings.
  • Thursday, August 31, 10-4pm: Individual Registration Meetings
    Registration must be submitted (by the student) no later than 5pm
  • Friday, September 1: Students’ schedules temporarily available on WebSIS.
  • Friday, September 1: Registration for 1st quarter Physical Education & Wellness classes.
  • Tuesday, September 5: Registration Day for upper-level students. Your advisees can make changes to their schedules. 
  • Wednesday, September 6: First Day of Classes
  • Week of September 18: Recommended second week check-in with advisees.
  • Friday, September 15: Last day to ADD half-term subjects offered in first half of term (H1).
  • Friday, October 6: Add Date – Please check in prior to this deadline in case any advisee needs to adjust their registration.
  • Starting the Week of October 16:  First Year Flags from instructors begin to be sent. Check in on any advisee receiving a flag. 
  • Weeks of October 16 and October 22: Schedule mid-semester meetings to check in with all of your advisees, but especially for anyone who receives one or more flags. 
  • Monday, October 30: Registration for 2nd quarter Physical Education & Wellness classes.
  • Friday, November 3: Last day to ADD half-term subjects offered in second half of term (H2)
  • Wednesday, November 22: Drop Date: Should check in well before this deadline, especially with any advisee who received a First Year Flag, to assess the possibility of dropping a subject. 
  • Friday, December 1: Online Pre-Registration for IAP and Spring Term begins. All students 
    pre-register online. 
  • Wednesday, December 13: Last day of Fall Term Classes 
  • Monday, December 18 – Friday, December 22: Fall Term Final Exam Period
  • Monday, January 8: Deadline to initiate Spring pre-registration without fee.