Degrees and Programs

MIT offers a wide variety of courses to study, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. The first year at MIT will open the door to many intellectual, social, and cultural challenges and opportunities.

Consult the First Year section of this site for details on typical freshman schedule, details on special first-year student credit limits and the policies for first-year grades, as well as information on how your AP scoresinternational exam results, and/or your study at other colleges and universities may lead to credit or placement in more advanced subjects at MIT).

For detailed information about actual degree programs and paths, please follow the links provided below.

Undergraduate Majors

Visit the Undergraduate Education section of the MIT Course Catalog. A full list of MIT departments and links to information on academic degree programs can be found online at:

Graduate Degree Programs

See the Graduate Education section of the MIT Course Catalog, or visit the Graduate Admissions site for details about graduate study at MIT. Additional information for graduate students can be found on the Office of Graduate Education website.