Balancing Your Priorities

Now that you've built a well-constructed schedule, complete with key dates, you are well-equipped to examine your priorities. To ensure academic excellence, evaluate academic necessities first, then consider extracurricular commitments. Map your assignments and other committments into a weekly planner or online Calendar (Google calendar or Exchange), then consider the following items in assessing your priorities and making any necessary revisions to your schedule:


  • Is the amount of time you've allotted for attending class, lab, and recitations sufficient to ensure you complete all your assignements and tasks without duress?
  • Is the amount of time you've allotted to studying, homework, and other academic preparation sufficient to ensure your personal success?

To ascertain what amount of time is likely necessary to ensure your individual academic success, consider the following. You may find the

helpful in recording the following information:

  • What courses are you taking?
  • Of these courses, which do you think will be more or less difficult for you?
  • Particularly for those that are likely to be more difficult, how much time, based on past experience, have you spent devoting to similar courses?
  • Were you satisfied with the outcomes (grades, understanding of concepts) yielded from the previous amount of time you’d invested? If not, adjust accordingly.

Having considered academic necessities, evaluate your extracurricular commitments.


In reviewing your weekly schedule, ask yourself the following questions to determine what and how much your activities matter to you:

  • Aside from going to class and studying, on which activity do you spend the most amount of time and energy?
  • If your commitment of time and energy is substantial, what are you motivations for investing this amount of time and energy to this endeavor?
  • How and why is it of value to you?
  • Does it compromise your ability to commit to schoolwork or other significant endeavors? 

Based on your answers to the above questions, how would you revise your initial

and weekly planner/calendar?