Science Core Tutoring


Here's how to obtain tutoring in chemistry core subjects.


Before inquiring about getting a tutor for 3.091, be sure you first make use of all resources. Attend all lectures and recitations, do the reading, and go to your TA's office hours. If you still feel that you need additional help, contact John Ohrenberger, 6-107, 617-258-5816,

5.111, 5.112

To be eligible for tutoring services in 5.111 or 5.112, you must be attending lecture and recitation regularly, turning in problem sets, and attending office hours, and gain approval from your TA. (Prior to the first exam, all students are eligible for tutoring if they meet the previously stated criteria. After the first exam, only students working at C or below are eligible for tutoring.)  Apply for tutoring on the Chemistry Department website.