DOE: Discover Ocean Engineering

Discover Ocean Engineering is a unique opportunity to explore one of the most dynamic and close-knit majors at MIT, Course 2-OE. Ocean Engineers work in a wide range of fields which include underwater vehicle design, theoretical hydrodynamics, and the oil industry. DOE attempts to give you a closer look at all of these options through field trips, lab tours, lunches with pioneers in the field, and of course building your very own underwater robot.


The People

As an entirely student-run program, DOE gives incoming first-year students a chance to learn about life at MIT from the people who know it best. DOE events are planned and supervised by upperclassmen who are graduates of the FPOP, many of whom are active in the Ocean Engineering department. The environment is casual and pirate jokes are encouraged. Lunches, machine shop tours, and other activities give students the opportunity to meet the professors and graduate students who may teach, advise and encourage them for the rest of their undergraduate career.


The History

Although maritime engineering has been a part of MIT since the beginning. the Ocean Engineering curriculum has been updated and reframed within the Mechanical Engineering Department. Students take approximately 50% of their classes in the regular ME curriculum and 50% as smaller, more narrowly focused project classes. Highlights include 2.017 in which students work in teams to design a control system for an entire autonomous land-sea-air robotic system. DOE has been an important part of the OE program for nearly 13 years. It is through DOE that many OE graduates discover their interest in Ocean Engineering.


What Will We Do?

A student in DOE will have the time of their life building a SEAPERCH underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and testing them at the Alumni Pool on campus and eventually in the open ocean.


Additionally, they will get to enjoy tours around Boston including a Duck Tour and trip to the Boston Aquarium, a trip to an island beach to test their SEAPERCHes, and meals provided each day.


The best part is that while all of this is happenig you get to learn about ocean engineering and what that means exactly. You don't have to be interested in OE to apply, you will enjoy the experience anyway!


There's a bunch of space in the program, so we encourage absolutely everyone to apply. If this sounds even a little interesting you should fill out the application. Also, you get to keep your SEAPERCH after the program!


DOE Specifics

Dates: Tuesday, August 24 - Sunday, August 29, 2021


●      First-year students will be housed in their assigned dormitory. DOE activities will occur in one of our laboratories, as well as around campus and Boston. There will also be a field trip to Spectacle Island to test the SEAPERCHes.

Available Spaces: 30

Cost: No Charge. The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Center for Ocean Engineering will be covering all costs.