DNSE: Discover Nuclear Science & Engineering

Nuclear Science and Engineering is an exciting field of study where many of the traditional tracks of electrical, mechanical and systems engineering merge with both classic and modern physics. Therefore, as a major, Nuclear Science and Engineering is challenging but also rewarding as an academic discipline and in training for a career in science and engineering.


The planned social activities, the tour of the laboratories, the presentation of the research opportunities (UROP), and the interaction with Nuclear Science and Engineering faculty and students will help make your transition into MIT culture smooth.


During the Discover Nuclear Science and Engineering pre-orientation program you will have the opportunity to learn about the multidisciplinary character of MIT education and to experience the research environment here at MIT. All activities are designed for incoming freshmen and will be presented by faculty and staff with experience in undergraduate education and research.


Our desire to introduce you to other aspects of Nuclear Science and Engineering, both academically and socially, will not end with the completion of the three and a half day pre-orientation program. We would like to start with these pre-orientation activities and hope that they will become the motivation and basis for a longer term relationship between us. Our faculty, staff and current students are looking forward to meeting you in August.


Four-day program (August 25 – 28th): Our activities during Discover Nuclear Science and Engineering pre-orientation will introduce you to three main areas of research concentration within the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering and its affiliated laboratories. Please note that the preliminary schedule includes highlights only.


Day 1 (August 25):

Highlights may include: fission technologies

Materials in Nuclear Science and Engineering

                                    tour of MIT's Nuclear Reactor


DAY 2 (August 26):

Highlights may include: “Candy” Class (otherwise known as The History of Nuclear Science)

 fusion research

Tour of the Plasma Science Fusion Center

Detection and Imaging Lecture


Day 3 (August 27):

Highlights may Include: Detection and security

                                    Shielding Scavenger hunt


Day 4 (August 28):

Highlights may include: Geiger Counter Assembly Lab


DNSE Specifics

Dates: Tuesday, August 24- Saturday, August 28, 2021

Available spaces: 25

Cost: no charge