DCHEM – Discover Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of the world of atoms, molecules and solids. Chemists are both students and architects of this miniature universe, exploring the changes that occur, discovering the principles which govern these chemical changes, and devising ways to create entirely new compounds and materials.


Past triumphs of chemistry include the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agricultural products, while current challenges include chemical memory, solar cells, superconductors, clean fuels, batteries, and the solution of numerous important problems relating to health and the environment. With a degree in chemistry, you can go on to graduate study or immediately pursue a career in chemistry or an allied field in which knowledge of chemistry is important.


DCHEM Specifics:

Dates:  Tuesday, August 24 – Sunday, August 29, 2021

Available spaces: 16

Cost: No charge. Some meals and activities will need to be paid for individually.