Student-Faculty Dinner/Coffee Reimbursement Instructions

NOTE: Only MIT undergraduates who register their dinner/coffee 4 days before attending and who receive approval confirmation of their registration in advance can be reimbursed. You must receive a confirmation email before finalizing plans with your group and professor. Dinners that are not registered and approved in advance will not be reimbursed.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION For Both Dinners and Coffees

  • Your paperwork should be fully submitted by December 17, 2019 to be reimbursed.
  • Any paperwork submitted after December 17, 2019 might not be reimbursed by the end of the semester.

1.  Scan your itemized receipt and proof of payment

  • Scan your itemized receipt and proof of payment as JPEG or PDF file(s). Make sure the receipt is flat and all purchases are clearly visible. While you no longer need a physical receipt once your picture is uploaded, we still recommend you hold onto it until you are reimbursed.

2. Create a reimbursement request

  • Navigate to:
  • MIT Atlas ► FULL CATALOG ► My Reimbusements ► Request a Reimbursement For Me

Reimbursement details

You have choices in the payment method MIT uses to reimburse you for out of pocket and travel expenses. To view your current settings, and change them if you wish, please go to Atlas and select "Reimbursement Preferences." We suggest setting up direct deposit so that your reimbursement, and any future reimbursements or payments, can be sent directly to your bank account. If you choose to receive a check instead, you will be notified when the check is ready to be picked up from the Office of the First Year (7-103).


Reimbursement Details

Line items

Reimbursement details - line items

Note to Central Office

Reimbursement details - note to central office

3.Fill out the form

  • Fill out the form with the following information:
  • Charge to: MIT
  • Name this RFP: Student Faculty Dinner
  • Date of service: (The date of the dinner)
  • G/L: 421200 Purchases of food for MIT activities & events
  • Cost Object: 1745040 Student/Faculty Dinners
  • Amount: (Total amount to be reimbursed)
  • Explanation: (Professor's name, dinner location, number of students, Kerberos usernames of students)
  • Click "Save and Continue"

Attach receipt RFP message

4. Attach Documents

  • Attach all receipts and proofs of purchase (from step 1) with the ‘Attach Receipt’ button at the top and bottom of the webpage.
  • Double-check everything and click the "Send To" button.

5. Send RFP

RFP sample search for recipient

  • Under “Recipient's Name,” enter “Elizabeth Hoy” and click “Search”
  • Select the entry with "", and click “Send”

Note: If you click on an RFP that you already sent, it will return to your inbox, and you will have to send it again. We advise double-checking when you turn in your paperwork.

QUESTIONS? Please contact Elizabeth Hoy (