DU- Discover UROP

Are you a creator, maker or problem-solver, who wants to get involved in research at MIT, but has little or no prior research experience?  If yes, then Discover UROP might be right for you!

Discover UROP introduces students to MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. This interdisciplinary FPOP helps students:

  • Get to know faculty, researchers, and current students engaged in UROP at MIT
  • Learn about current research projects first-hand,
  • Understand the qualities necessary to become effective researchers,
  • Develop strategies for finding a UROP (regardless of major or interests).

Throughout our four-day program, DU participants will get a great inside look at MIT research and how to get involved. Opportunities to network with faculty members from different departments through dinners and tours is a fun way to meet some of the approachable professors you may encounter in your four years at MIT. Research presentations and demos will help you see first hand the kind of research roles you might have at MIT, while meeting upperclassmen in a variety of disciplines. Along with touring labs and learning valuable resume, networking & research skills, you will also learn your way around campus and take a few adventures off campus with your FPOP counselors (DU alums).

What Will We Do?

In Discover UROP, you will tour cutting edge research labs, hear first-hand from renowned faculty, network with researchers, and meet other undergraduates who are all engaged in some of the most fascinating projects in their fields.

DU is split between lab tours, interactive demos, panel and roundtable discussions, presentations, workshops, and networking events.

By the end of DU, you will:

  • Know about a variety of current projects in exciting research areas
  • Have met faculty and other researchers,
  • Know how to identify projects of interest and effectively approach faculty about potential UROP opportunities,
  • Engage in hands-on activities with your fellow participants,
  • Understand the key elements of effective research communication, and more.

Overall, DU is a great FPOP for first-year students who want to learn about how to get involved with research at MIT and while getting to know campus, the surrounding the Boston-Cambridge area, and their new peers.

To learn more about UROP research, check out our video content at: https://urop.mit.edu/node/1804/.

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