Countdown to Campus

Before you arrive on campus for Orientation, there are a number of items you must attend to over the summer. Use the Critical Actions and Deadlines page as a checklist.

The steps below describe critical activities that must be performed by specified deadlines before you arrive for Orientation. There are the first key steps you must take as a new MIT student.

  1. Create your Kerberos ID, obtain Web Certificates, set-up Duo
  2. Enter Housing Lottery/Explore Campus Dining
  3. Register/Take FEE
  4. Explore and rank your First Year Advising preferences, and Investigate your Academic Options to start planning for your fall classes
  5. Apply for Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOPs)
  6. Submit your MIT ID photo
  7. Document AP/IB/Transfer credit
  8. Complete modules – Alcohol Edu, Haven, Kognito, and Transitioning to MIT
  9. Submit your Orientation Registration form & download the mobile schedule (download the Guidebook app and then search for "MIT Orientation 2019")
  10. File your Emergency Contact, Final Transcript, Medical Report