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DBE – Discover Biological Engineering

We will be exploring biological engineering in the classroom, through research, and in the industry. We will participate in some of these exciting events!

  • Perform hands-on experiments in BE labs: such as bacterial transformation/manipulations and building a microscope from scratch!
  • Visit BE labs and learn about new processes: such as the Birnbaum Lab, the Langer Lab, and the Lauffenburger Lab, etc.
  • Discover and tour BE start-up companies, such as Gingko Bioworks!
  • Listen to speakers from the BE faculty on current research: tissue engineering, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology are only a small part of cutting-edge research at MIT.
  • Learning about the major and gain advice from current students (your counselors).
  • Meet with BE faculty and discuss your future goals at MIT.
  • Explore Boston, Cambridge, and the MIT campus with your fantastic counselors via dinners out, movies, and fun outings like bowling or karaoke!
  • Gaining 23 new freshman friends!

Over the course of four days, you will be touring, exploring, and learning about current and past biological engineering research and developments. You will even be able to participate in labs constructed to introduce you to the field. You will also explore the surrounding area with industry tours, dinners out, and fun activities in Boston!

Be part of something new!
Biological engineering is a relatively new discipline and has seen rapid growth and acceleration in the past few decades. Every day, researchers are utilizing techniques that would’ve seemed like science fiction just a few years ago. Technologies and therapies that seem impossible now will be invented by students like you over the next decade, and DBE is your start in finding your passion in this ever-changing field!

DBE Specifics
Dates: Tuesday, August 20 – Saturday, August 24, 2024
Space available: 24
Cost: $50