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DChE – Discover Chemical Engineering

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Have you pumped gas at a gas station recently? Do you take Tylenol when you have a fever? Undoubtedly, a chemical engineer was involved in the processes that helped get the toothpaste to your toothbrush, the gas to your car and the Tylenol to your medicine cabinet. With broad skillsets, chemical engineers are some of the most versatile, skilled engineers in both industry and academia. The DChE FPOP is the great way to get an introduction to course 10 at MIT!

The Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT is where the field of chemical engineering was pioneered. While it was initially founded with a focus on industrial chemical needs and processes, it has since expanded into a variety of subfields; ongoing projects in the department include developing novel methods for drug delivery, exploring alternative forms of sustainable energy, and developing complex simulations for molecular motion. Through the DChE FPOP, you will get the chance to explore the opportunities available to you in Course 10.

The four days will consist of:

  • Lab tours and lunches with world-renowned, surprisingly down-to-earth faculty
  • Panel discussions with current students about classes, research, and internships
  • Trips to nearby companies and startups
  • Hands-on chemical engineering activities
  • An introductory seminar featuring basic engineering concepts
  • Fun and engaging bonding events and outings in Boston and Cambridge… and more!

Most importantly, however, you’ll get the chance to explore campus and the city while making friends with other first years and a great crew of upperclassmen! Hope to see you soon!

Select events/programs are subject to change in the event of COVID-related restrictions.

DChE Specifics

  • Dates: Tuesday, August 20 – Sunday, August 25, 2024
  • Space available: 25
  • Cost: No charge