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DP – Discover Physics

From quarks to twistronics to dark matter, MIT is on the cutting edge of physics research.

If you’re interested in physics at MIT or if you just enjoy making liquid nitrogen ice cream and bonding with your classmates, then Discover Physics is for you! You’ll learn about life at MIT through the experiences of your counselors, who will share wise advice about the best food in Cambridge, favorite classes, and fun clubs and activities to enjoy in your free time! Be prepared to explore Cambridge and Boston on-foot and venture to navigate the MBTA system, a rite of passage for all Boston-area students.

Discover Physics has it all – a trip to MIT’s Wallace Observatory, a gourmet tour of Boston’s Chinatown, lectures by world-class physicists like Wolfgang Ketterle and Alan Guth – for aspiring physicists and non-physicists alike! We offer this program at no cost to incoming students – food and transportation are covered! 

“An unexpectedly fun time filled with new friends and fun activities that explores the beauties of Course 8 hidden behind challenging and invigorating psets and a great common room.” — Kevin Yang, PhysPOP student (2018) and counselor (2019-2021)

DP Specifics

  • Dates: Tuesday, August 20 – Sunday, August 25, 2024
  • Space available: 30
  • Cost: No charge