Accommodations and Assistive Technology

MIT offers resources to students with disabilities and these resources for accommodations and assistive technologies are detailed below.

Student Disability Services (SDS)

MIT is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for students with disabilities. SDS seeks to ensure that qualified students with disabilities receive equal access to all of the Institute's programs, activities, and services. Visit the SDS website or contact SDS staff directly to discuss any disability-related needs. SDS staff are located in Room 5-104 and can be reached via telephone at: (617) 253-1674.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology consultants in the the Assistive Technology Information Center (ATIC), MIT Room 7-143, provide guidance and services to facilitate the use of assistive technologies and access for persons with disabilities at MIT. ATIC provides:

  • A computer cluster with specialized equipment for MIT students with disabilities
  • Consultations to individuals exploring assistive technology options
  • Demonstrations of assistive technologies such as alternative keyboards, pointing devices, magnification, and voice recognition software
  • Assistance in making MIT academic course materials accessible to students with disabilities

ATIC staff will help you explore the technology solutions available to ensure access to any hardware, software, web-based products, online documentation or media resources required for study or work at MIT. ATIC does not make any decisions regarding disability accommodations. Students seeking academic accommodations should first visit Student Disability Services.

To schedule a time to consult with ATIC staff, please contact atic [at] or telephone 617-253-7808.