Final Exams

As you approach final exams you need to shift your perspective from a local/subject view (preparing for relatively short tests on limited material), to a global/term view (preparing for several large, comprehensive tests that occur at the same time).

Consider the following:

  • Planning for final exams is more than preparing for several long tests.
  • Choose how to prioritize your subjects and decide how and where to concentrate limited amounts of time and energy.
  • Plan for the exams themselves and also for your final assignments and projects, which are just as important. How can you get everything done and finish on top?

Here's a set of useful steps:

Succeeding in final exams is the culmination of all the work you've done to improve your study and test-taking skills, manage your time, and maintain your health through the term. Staying organized and managing stress as finals approach will translate into solidified knowledge and your best grades.