Structuring Project Work

Here are some tips for how to structure your project-based work.

What is the assignment?

Consult the assignment description and determine:

  • What are the goals of the assignment?
  • How will you accomplish these goals?
  • If either of the above are unclear, consult your instructor or TA for clarification.

How will you accomplish the goals of the assignment?

  • Gather all necessary background information on the content of the assignment. For instance, does the assignment draw on a key concept from a textbook or lecture? If reviewing this material will be useful for the assignment, do so.
  • Does the assignment require additional researcheither in the lab or library? Determine what is necessary; draw up an action plan, including a timeline; and begin accumulating your data and information.
  • Organize your findings and other research: if a write-up is necessary, begin by dividing your findings and other research by content, theme, chronology, or whichever means are most appropriate. Create an outline, then begin completing the written piece.
  • If giving a presentation on the project, see Presentations for more information.