Your Study Action Plan

Great intentionality is likely to yield optimized results. Consider the following when constructing a full-fledged action plan for study:

WHO: Your Study Team

  • Are you studying alone, or with others? If with others, see Study Groups for points to consider!

WHAT: Agenda-Setting

  • What is on your agenda for each study period?
  • How will you prioritize the pieces of your agenda?
  • Is this a reasonable amount of material to tackle for this period of time?
  • How will you be pacing yourself?

WHERE: the Ideal Environment

  • In which environments do you study best? Your residence, a study hall, a library, a coffee shop, or some other place?
  • Does this environment provide the necessary amount of space and contain the ideal furniture (i.e. a large-enough desk, a comfortable chair) and other elements (i.e. adequate lighting, reasonable temperature, storage space) for optimized studying?
  • Do you operate best with silence, background noise, or music?
  • Would you remain undisturbed in your place of study?

WHEN: Considering Time

  • Have you scheduled out study periods in your overall calendar, weekly planner, or daily timeline? See Building a Schedule for points to consider.
  • Are these times reasonable hours of the day during which you are able to devote ample energy and concentration?

HOW: Materials Needed

  • What materials do you need to facilitate studying during this period?
  • Can you readily access the relevant textbooks, lecture notes, study guides, assignments, and other course materials?
  • Do you need to bring a laptop, writing utensils, calculator, or other materials?