Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOPs)

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream."—Mark Twain (1835-1910) 

Build an underwater vehicle. Make friends. Work in the Cambridge community. Learn what it means to install public interactive art. Kayak. Play robotic soccer. Visit a nuclear reactor. Swing your way through a ropes course. Learn to paint. Roll your own sushi. Wear paper clothing. Travel to Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Spend a day feeding the homeless. Learn about yourself. Challenge yourself.

Each FPOP has a different focus. They are a great introduction to leadership, social, athletic, service, and academic activities at MIT.

Below you will find descriptions of all First-Year Pre-Orientation Programs. Please note that for 2020, some events and activities may change, and these descriptions serve as an essence of what these programs may offer. The FPOP application is closed, applications were due by July 24.

  • ACE: Active Community Engagement
  • DAD: Discover Architecture and Design
  • DBE: Discover Biological Engineering 
  • DC1: Discover Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • DChE: Discover Chemical Engineering
  • DChem: Discover Chemistry
  • DEE: Discover Electrical Engineering
  • DE: Discover Energy
  • DEAL: Discover Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • DMSE: Discover Material Science and Engineering
  • DM: Discover Mathematics
  • DME: Discover Mechanical Engineering
  • DNSE: Discover Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • DOE: Discover Ocean Engineering
  • DP: Discover Physics 
  • DPD: Discover Product Design
  • DUSP: Discover Urban Studies and Planning
  • FLIPOP: First Generation/Low-Income Program
  • FAP: First Year Arts Program

The following FPOPs are offering modified virtual programming open to any interested student (to be announced) and do not require application.

  • DA: Discover Aerospace
  • DBCS: Discover Brain & Cognitive Sciences
  • DU: Discover UROP
  • FLP: First Year Leadership Programs

FPOP Sponsors

The following companies are sponsors of the Pre-Orientation Programs. Additional information regarding each organization can be found on the websites listed below. 


The Coop, MIT’s campus store since 1917 was founded by students and established as a cooperative to offer merchandise at competitive prices and to distribute any store earned profits among its members in the form of an annual patronage rebate. All paid up Coop members will receive an instant 10% discount at check out on all purchases (including textbooks- new –used and rental) made in the stores or online. The member discount is in addition to any other sales, special promotions or discounts being offered. The 10% instant discount will replace the annual patronage rebate program. 

For more information regarding membership visit or

MIT Federal Credit Union

The MIT Federal Credit Union (MITFCU) is MIT's exclusive and preferred financial institution. MITFCU provides a wide selection of products and services for students and employees of the Institute, including checking accounts with debit cards and overdraft share protection; savings accounts; credit cards and loans, including student loans. 

Visit MITFCU's website for more information on their products and services.