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Transfer Credit

MIT departments may grant credit for study at other colleges and universities if the subjects are substantially equivalent to those taught at MIT & the grade earned meets MIT standards. However, each department sets its own policies and reviews each request individually.

Only the Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Departments review transfer credit requests over the summer. All other departments review requests after you begin classes. For summer review, you must submit all required materials by July 12, 2024.

Transfer credit requests must include:

  • Catalogue description and syllabus, including textbook information, chapters covered, number of class hours, length of term, and any other information that will help the examiner determine MIT equivalency.
  • An official transcript sent by the other college or university directly to MIT:

MIT Transfer Credit
Attn: Jocelyn Heywood
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 7-103
Cambridge MA, 02139

  • A completed Request for Additional Credit Form.

In addition:

  • For Math: The author, title, and edition of the textbook used, and the sections of it covered by the course. (You may be asked for a photocopy of the table of contents as well.). The Transfer Credit Examiner may also ask you to demonstrate your understanding of the subject.
  • For Chemistry: Copies of all of the written work you did.
  • For Physics: Students must also “validate” their transfer credit by passing the 8.01 or 8.02 Advanced Standing Exam. Validating transfer credit for other Physics subjects are not required for transfer credit for subjects beyond 8.02.

HASS Requirement Credit

MIT transfer credit for courses taken in the areas of humanities, arts, and social sciences at another college or university is usually granted as unrestricted elective credit. Occasionally, however, a Transfer Credit Examiner will grant subject credit and recommend that it be counted toward the eight-subject HASS Requirement.

For either type of HASS transfer credit:

  • First contact the Transfer Credit Examiner for the HASS field in which you are seeking credit. Submit your supporting materials, or meet in person.
  • If the Examiner signs your Request Form and approves general elective credit, submit your form to 7-103.
  • If the Examiner approves subject credit and recommends credit toward the HASS Requirement, contact the HASS Academic Administrator at Bring them your signed form. They will review the type of credit recommended. 
  • For questions about the HASS Requirement and transfer credit, contact Patricia Fernandes at or 617-253-2313.

Communication Requirement Credit

If a HASS Transfer Credit Examiner grants subject credit (see previous section) and you want this credit to count toward MIT’s Communication Requirement, take your signed Request for Additional Credit form to Patricia Fernandes at, Advisor for the Communication and HASS Requirements. 

For questions about the Communication Requirement and transfer credit, contact Patricia Fernandes at or 617-253-2313.

For more information about transferring credit to MIT, email