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Advising Calendar & AA Actions

  • Thursday, September 2: Individual Registration Meetings with your advisees
    Advisors must sign off on advisees’ registrations by 5PM. 
    AA Action: Arrive 10 minutes early, bring laptop and be prepared to contribute.
  • Friday, September 3: Class schedules temporarily available on WebSIS
    AA Action: Remind your advisees to review their schedules for accuracy and to download or enter into CourseRoad or some other calendar management tool.
  • Tuesday, September 6: Registration Day for upper-level students
    AA Action: Help your students make any necessary adjustments to their schedules. This may include lecture or recitation changes, adding themselves to CI waitlists on WebSIS or submitting an Add/Drop Forms for a class that they decided to change.
  • Monday, September 12: First full week of Classes 
    AA Action: Follow up with each advisee once again, referring to your notes/spreadsheets as needed, to ensure that they have made registration adjustments. This often includes adding themselves to CI waitlists and attending the first class or finding a HASS class that interests them.
  • Monday, September 19: Second week of Classes
    AA Action: Connect with your advisor about planning individual check-in meetings with your advisees. You should give the advisor your availability since it is important that you are included in these meetings if possible. These check-ins are intended to get to know your students better and address any initial issues that they may be experiencing.

    It’s also a good time to start organizing a fun activity with your advisees. You can take the lead by using an online scheduling app to coordinate. Funding is available available through your advisor.
  • Monday, October 3: A week before Add Date, October 7
    AA Action: Remind your advisees about Add Date as a time to consider switching versions of classes. If a student finds themselves in a class that is not suitable for them, they should submit an Add/Drop form to be approved by their advisor. Most GIRs within a department are scheduled simultaneously to accommodate changes, and instructors are flexible about make up work.
  • Monday, October 10:  Instructors begin sending First Year Flags(cc advisors) to any first year who is performing at C or below.
    AA Action: Be proactive by asking your advisor if any of your advisees are ‘struggling’ in a class and how you can help. Then invite these students to meet with you in order to figure out what has contributed to their poor performance. By offering pset and test taking strategies, time management tips, and directing them to appropriate resources, you can help them improve their performance.
  • Monday, October 17: Second round of check-in meetings with your other advisees
    AA Action: Plan meetings with your advisees for a brief check in if they are doing fine and a more comprehensive meeting if they are experiencing academic or personal difficulties. Talk to your advisor on how they prefer to follow up with your student. In some cases, your advisor might defer to you.
  • Monday, November 21: A week before Drop Date November 23
    AA Action: Contact advisees prior to Drop Date to help them assess whether dropping a class in which they are struggling or is taking up most of their time might give them time to focus on their other classes. Meet with any advisees that would like to discuss their options.

    Ask them about their plans for Thanksgiving and direct those staying on campus to gatherings on the holiday.
  • Monday, November 28: Last check-in meeting before finals
    AA Action: Schedule a third check in meeting with your advisees as the semester comes to a close. Reminders include pre-registration, preparation for finals and plans for IAP.

Wednesday, December 14: Last Day of Classes
AA Action: Send your advisees online tips and resources for finals preparation and remind them to find stress relief techniques that work for them.

Friday, December 16 – Thursday, December 22: Final Exams
AA Action: Send a congratulations message to each of your advisees because they made it! Check your notes for details that you might include about their specific challenges or accomplishments.