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General Institute Requirements (GIRs)

All MIT undergraduates must complete the General Institute Requirements (GIRs).  During the first semester, your program should be a mix of GIR subjects, which may serve as pre-reqs for foundational major classes, 1 HASS/CI-H class, and 1-3 classes that sound interesting and give you a taste of a possible major or minor. 

Your subject schedule will depend on your background and AP, international examination, or transfer credit. You should also plan to enroll in at least one Physical Education class in your first semester in order to complete the PE GIR by the end of sophomore year. In the second semester, you might start adding subjects for your anticipated major.  Details and resources related to MIT GIR classes can be found on MIT’s Open Learning site.

General Institute Requirements (GIRs)​ include:

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