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Rewards and Recognition

We will reward your extraordinary contributions by giving you the opportunity to earn AA Points.  

When you go above and beyond your associate advisor role in one of the categories listed below, you qualifiy to AA points.  When you have earned 5 or 10 points, you are eligible for a reward – Tech Cash, Coop merchandise, swag, movie tickets and more.  In some exceptional cases, you may earn more than 1 point at a time. 

AA points are meant to be flexible!  It’s a fun way of getting you to keep track of your AA accomplishments.  Read the category descriptions below to find out how you may participate.

NOTE:  We rely on you to report when you refer a student to resources/events or when you support a first-year (who is not your advisee)by emailing  Testaments by students are always welcome.  

Host a first-year program 

The Office of the First Year’s advising team organizes academic programs and events to support students throughout the year. We realize the importance of your student perspective in helping first-years, and invite you to help us host one of our events. Examples include: Add Date Drop-In, Time Management, etc. One hour of hosting earns you 1 point.  

Refer a student to resources

First year students may be unfamiliar with campus resources or unsure how to best use them. Point a student in the right direction and earn 1 point. Let us know about your referral by emailing We also welcome emails from the students you help. 

Submit an advising group photograph 

Send us pictures of your advising group activities so we can share the experience with others.  Be sure to include a description of your activity and don’t forget to ask permission from the participants before you submit. 1 photo earns you 1 point (max of 1 point earned per advising group event – but feel free to send a few photos from your event!)

Submit an idea to improve the first year experience

Don’t keep your ideas to yourselves. When you share your ideas with the OFY about how to better help first-year students, you earn 1 point. This may be in the form of program or event topics, general academic tips or anything else you can think of. 

Give support to a student 

You deserve recognition for supporting all first-year students. We know that you give of you the time and energy to help anyone that needs it. Tell us about it by emailing!  When you help a first-year who is not your advisee, you earn 1 point. 

Lead an event or AA training (5 pts)

We invite you to do more than share your ideas for programs. Facilitate your own program for first-year students or your fellow associate advisors.  This is definitely worthy of 5 points!