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Connect by Chance (CXC)

Connect by Chance (CXC) is a new MIT first-year program that brings together random groups of classmates for conversation and fun. The program aims to give students an opportunity to get to know classmates whom they may not otherwise meet, whether it leads to new friendships or simply interesting discussions.

How do I participate? 

Register for the Fall Kick-off Event and pay attention to the OFY newsletter and events page for information about more events throughout the year! There will be large and small events plus an option to plan your own outing. 

How will I be matched? 

We will assign you to a group of four students, trying to match you with peers from other dorms, but otherwise randomly generating the groups. If you want, you can also enter with a buddy and get matched with another pair. 

What if I’m shy or socially anxious? 

You’re not alone! You can enter with a buddy if you prefer. We will also give you suggested discussion prompts and guidelines to make the conversation as enjoyable as possible! 

Plan Your Own Outings

Want to get to know your peers over a nice meal, on a hike, while sailing on the Charles River, or enjoying another fun activity of your choice? We’ll assign you to a group of four, you pick a time and an activity to do as a group, and MIT will reimburse you up to $30 per person. Register at Read the guidelines and instructions here.

Connect by Chance


  • Fall Kick-off Event – Sunday, Sept. 12 | 12-2 pm | Kresge Oval 
    Featuring local food trucks & ice cream! 
    Register at  

More to come!