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Online First Year Advising Folder

The First Year Advising Folder is a portfolio holding pending credit.

Students have no record until they are formally registered. The Folder brings together information and testing results of first years to help you and your advisees select the appropriate fall subjects, and to plan their first year.

Access to the online Folder via the Advisor screen of WebSIS will be available on August 15: This information may be shared with your associate advisor.

  • Parts of Admissions Application provides your advisees’ biographical information and will be available until October 1st. You should print this document and keep in your advising folder for reference. This confidential information may not be shared with your associate advisor.
  • The Folder shows your advisees’ reported scores and any MIT credit or placement pending from Advanced Placement Examinations (AP), International exams (e.g. GCE A-Level, International Baccalaureate), and any evaluated transfer credit. Any pending credit will be posted by the Registrar to the student’s permanent academic record after Add Date.
  • Displays placement recommendations from the First Year Essay Evaluation, Math Skills Assessment for Math and Physics class recommendations and Advanced Standing Examinations. 

Registration Take-Aways

  • You may refuse to approve a first year’s registration if you do not agree with their class selection.
  • International students may not fall below 36 units.
  • Students not admitted into a lottery subject must remember to formally drop the class using the online Add/Drop.
  • First-year students who are enrolled in a first-year seminar must attend weekly. If their attendance is irregular or they do not complete assignments, you may grant an F grade.
  • Academic departments enforce pre-requisites, as they are intended to provide the foundation in a given subject.
  • First-year students who have received credit (AP or transfer), and then register for the same subject, lose the credit unless they drop the subject before Add Date, Friday, October 6 (5th week of classes).