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Countdown to Campus for Transfer Students

A month-by-month list of important dates, action steps and deadlines for incoming transfer students for Fall 2023.  Transfer students should refer to this page for important dates prior to your arrival.

Note: “Countdown to Campus” pages within the main Orientation section is specific to Class of 2027.



  • June: Submit your Medical Report due no later than July 21. For questions, see the Medical Report FAQ or email
  • May 31 – June 7: June First Year Essay Evaluation (FEE). Note: you MUST register for the June FEE by June 6 at 1pm EDT.
  • June 16: Deadline to submit your ID photo.
  • June 23: Deadline to submit your Final Transcript and Official Test Scores (SAT, ACT, or English language proficiency exams) to the Admissions Office. Instructions on how to submit your Final Transcript will be linked here soon. Contact Admissions Office directly at if you have questions.



  • August 1: Your Orientation Registration Form is due.
  • August 1: Submit your Emergency Contact Information form on WebSIS (mandatory). MIT needs to have your emergency information. Please discuss this with your parents or guardians and then fill out both your Personal Emergency Contact and Campus Emergency Notification (MITAlert) information on WebSIS. Re-check your information at the beginning of each term or whenever your emergency information changes.
  • August 11: Orientation Schedule available online via the Guidebook app.
  • August 15: Deadline to submit your health insurance waiver.
  • August 19-20: International student arrival. More information will be emailed to international students this summer.
  • August 26: All remaining students should arrive by 4pm. We ask that all students check in for Orientation by 5pm.

Advanced Standing Exam Dates:

(Please note: ASEs will be held remotely through August 10. Exams on September 5 will be in person)

These are the only dates that these exams will be held. Reminder: Registration for the Advanced Standing Exams is from July 1 – July 14.

  • TBD (2 hour windows):  6.100A Advanced Standing Exam
  • August 1, 1pm – 4m:  Biology Advanced Standing Exam
  • August 2: 5.111 Chemistry Advanced Standing Exam
  • August 7: 8.01 Advanced Standing Exam
  • August 8: 18.01 Advanced Standing Exam
  • August 9: 8.02 Advanced Standing Exam
  • August 10: 18.02 Advanced Standing Exam
  • September 5, 9am-12pm EDT: 8.03 Advanced Standing Exam
  • September 5, 2-5pm EDT: 8.04 Advanced Standing Exam 
  • September 5, 9am-12pm EDT: 18.03 Advanced Standing Exam
  • September 5, 9am-12pm EDT: 18.06 Advanced Standing Exam
  • September 5, 9am-12pm EDT: 5:12 Chemistry Advanced Standing Exam