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FOP – H/C: First-year Outdoor Program – Hiking and Climbing

Looking to adventure with a team of incoming first-year students as you segue into your MIT experience? The First Year Outdoor Program (FOP) – Hiking and Climbing will promote community, self-discovery, relationship building and fun. FOP Hiking/Climbing will build strong friendships, expand your potential, and help others grow, all while part of an unforgettable outdoor experience.

The FOP Hiking/Climbing program is offered through the Thompson Island Outward Bound School. The program takes place on Thompson island, an inland in Boston Harbor. Participants will camp out on Thompson island for the duration of the program. The full program is guided by experienced Outward Bound instructors and focuses on participant development of outdoor living skills, inland exploration, and climbing. Participants will use both the low and high ropes obstacles on Thompson Island.

**This program involves extensive outdoors time including lodging in a tent.

Physical Education Points

MIT has a Physical Education requirement. Students must complete 8 points (4 classes) and pass the swim requirement. Students are responsible for completing the Physical Education General Institute Requirement by the end of their sophomore year. The First-year Outdoor Program will grant 2 Physical Education points upon completion of the program and submitting the journal assignment by Tuesday, September 7, 2023.

What Will We Do?

FOP experiences will teach self-reliance, offer the strength and freedom that comes with knowing how to care for oneself and one’s group. Instructors will enable learning by guiding FOP participants in value forming experiences – to ensure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity, an indefatigable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self-denial, and above all compassion. Wilderness skills, working in small groups, environmental stewardship, team dynamics, service, and teamwork are designed into the programs. All this in five days and in a safe environment.

FOP – Hiking/Climbing Specifics

  • Dates: Tuesday, August 22 – Saturday, August 26, 2023
  • Cost: $585
  • Available Space: 11