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Registration for IAP and Spring

IAP/Spring pre-registration opens on December 1, details on pre-registration and registration for each term follows below.

Independent Activities Period (IAP)

Pre-registration for IAP opens at 9 AM December 1 and closes at 5 PM on January 3. Details for the pre-registration process are outlined on the Registrar’s site.

Independent Activities Period (IAP) is a great time to explore various non-credit IAP activities or UROP, register for classes for credit, or take time for yourself to recharge and have fun. You are automatically registered for IAP subjects based on pre-registration without your advisor’s approval, although we strongly encourage you to still meet with them to discuss your plans. Here as some things you should know about IAP:

  • IAP continues to be on P/NR.
  • Has a 12-unit credit limit, so if taking 18.02A or 8.01L, you are allowed 6 additional units.
  • ASEs taken in IAP do not count toward this credit limit.
  • You may modify subject selections until pre-registration closes at 5pm on January 3. After that, use the Add/Drop Application to make changes.

Spring 2022

Pre-registration for the Spring semester opens at 9 AM December 1 and closes at 5 PM on January 6. Details for the pre-registration process are outlined on the Registrar’s site.

  • Spring semester is on ABC/NR.
  • Has a 60-unit credit limit plus 6 additional units for Discovery.
  • If you didn’t take a CI in Fall, you must one in Spring. Must make CI-H/HW subject selections before the deadline; After January 13, you may only add yourself to CI-H/HW waitlists.

Meeting with Your Advisor

  • Your pre-registration is not binding or final, and serves as a basis for the meeting with your advisor. In fact, you may enter only one class or as many as you would like in your pre-registration.
  • To complete your Spring registration, you need to meet with your advisor, so reach out to them and your associate advisor about setting up a time to meet the week of registration for Spring semester starting January 24.
  • Once you have submitted your registration, all changes need to be made using the online Add/Drop forms.

Checking WebSIS

Remember to verify your registration for accuracy on WebSIS by January 31, before your schedule is taken off line. You must report any discrepancies to the Registrar’s Office.