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The Advising Network

First Year Advisor

  • Provide academic and personal support to advisees
  • Register students for classes Fall/Spring
  • Schedule individual advisee meetings at key dates or as needed
  • Approve Forms during the year (i.e. Add/Drop, Major)
  • Refer students to support offices on campus

Associate Advisor

  • Provide advisor expertise on GIRs and campus resources
  • Maintain contact with advisor throughout the year
  • Assist with class registration Fall/Spring.
  • Check in with advisees 3-5 times per semester, including
    supporting advisor in student meetings
  • Organize social activities with advising group

OFY Staff/Consultants   

  • Support and serve as a back-up to first-year advisors
  • Provide advisor expertise on GIRs and campus resources
  • Available to answer all questions related to advising
  • Approve Forms when advisors are unavailable
  • Run trainings during the year to keep advisors informed

Additional members of the advising network:

The advising network for first-year students is comprehensive and expands beyond you, the associate advisor and the Office of the First Year’s consulting staff.  It includes various offices and other staff on campus that are connected to your students.

Advisees that participate in a varsity sport receive regular support from their coaches. When a first-year athlete receives one or more First Year Flag, the OFY informs the coach that one of their students needs extra support. The coach is able to connect with their athlete and direct them to appropriate resources.  

ROTC students report to a commander that serves as an additional advisor/mentor beyond their primary first-year advisor.

Office of Minority Education advises a cohort of first-year students. Each is assigned to one of OME’s advisors and may be connected to an additional mentor.  

Residential teams in the dorm are quite robust. They include the a Head of House, Graduate Resident Advisors (GRA), Residential Peer Mentors (RPM) and Wellbeing Ambassadors. Each of these faculty, staff or upper-level student is closely connected to the first-years in their residential community.